6 music podcasts hosted by women that you should listen to

6 music podcasts hosted by women that you should listen to

I’m late to the trend, but lockdown has led to me discovering a world of new obsessions, the latest of which is podcasts. I don’t think past me could’ve imagined a day where I would sit with headphones on voluntarily listening to non-instrumental audio in enjoyment and yet, here we are.

As an avid fan of music, there’s no better podcast suited to me than a podcast focused entirely on the art form. And whilst I may not have been as productive as I would’ve liked these past few months, at least I can say I’ve tested the podcasting waters so you don’t have to, and collated a list of my favourite music-related shows hosted by women. Spanning a plethora of genres, and offering wholly unique angles and styles of podcasting, here are my top picks:

Just a Girl:

The savvy amongst you will no doubt recognise the name of this podcast as a nod to the hit 1995 track ‘Just a Girl’ by 90s Gwen Stefani-fronted new wave band ‘No Doubt’. But if that’s not already enough of an incentive for you, the show covers all things music industry-related, from gigs, music-based tattoos, and Hayley Williams (to whom there is said to be an upcoming episode dedicated entirely). Hosted by close friends Natalie and Katie, Just a Girl podcast makes the listener feel like you’re there with them, just having a casual conversation in a pub garden with your pals. Their chemistry is obvious from the get-go, adding to the easy-going charm of the show. Although a wider range of artists are mentioned, this is one of my top recommendations for anyone interested in alternative and heavier music. And despite being fairly new to the scene, with only three episodes under their belt so far, I’m looking forward to hearing more from this one.

The Devil’s Music with Pleasant Gehman

I can’t beat around the bush with this podcast: it’s strange. But that’s part of its allure. Focusing on the supposedly sin-fuelled genre of rock, self-proclaimed ‘rock n roll witch’ Pleasant Gehman hosts the show with a spunk like no other. No stranger to all the scene has to offer, Gehman herself was a singer of punk rock bands throughout the 70s and 80s, and channels her experience of being one of Los Angeles’ first punks into her interviews with an unpredictable roster of guests, the most notable of which being her former roommate, Belinda Carlile. To be blunt, you know the story’s always going to be good where rock n roll is concerned, and Gehman and her guests are unfiltered as they talk through experiences some of us will only ever read about. Although sometimes delving into occultism and tarot readings, at its core the show is rooted in shared experiences of life in the fast lanes of former decades, and all that this entailed. This one’s for anyone quite literally looking to give the Devil his due.

Angry Grrrl Music of the Indie Rock Persuasion 

Hosted by Florida-native Amanda Starling, Angry Grrrl Music of the Indie Rock Persuasion was founded in direct response to the desire to give women, LGBTQIA+, and people of colour in music a platform to speak openly and share their stories. As a Mexican-American woman herself, Starling is not unaccustomed to the lack of representation in mainstream media, and decided to shape the narrative within her local DIY scene herself – an agenda that feels particularly pertinent to the times we live in. One of my favourite things about this podcast is the subtle ‘student radio’ feel to it that reminds me of the early 2000s, which is no surprise given that the name of the podcast itself is a direct quote from the late 90s rom-com cult classic ‘10 Things I Hate About You’. Each episode delves into an in-depth interview with the artists featured, with Starling’s charisma enabling her to get the most out of her guests. If you’re looking to discover more indie rock & pop bands to add to your musical repertoire, look no further.

Women in Hip Hop

It’s not hard to deduce the focus of this podcast from the title, but there’s more than meets the eye with Women in Hip Hop. Hosted by Jazzie Belle, the show centres on discussions with artists, media personalities, and industry insiders to provide them with a platform to share their stories in the hope of inspiring more women to overcome adversity in a male-dominated field. Accompanied by some of the biggest names in hip hop right now, from Saweetie to Justin Skye, what makes Belle’s style unique is the enthusiasm she radiates through the airwaves, paying unwavering attention to her guests in a manner that allows her to breeze through an eclectic mix of topics from musical influences, career obstacles, and even more serious issues such as colourism. It goes without saying, but for fans of both contemporary and old school hip hop, here’s one to bookmark.  

Pass The Mic

Pass The Mic (PTM) is a Minneapolis-based music blog run by founder and editor, Colleen Cowie. Dedicated to amplifying female, trans, and non-binary voices in music, PTM regularly hosts a podcast series that features unedited conversations with up-and-coming musicians and womxn in the industry that vary in topic from recent releases, an artist’s backstory, and even activism and using your privilege. Cowie is polished in her approach, keeping the conversation flowing and the listener entertained. The show is not limited to specific genres, but this would be my top pick for those interested in the grassroots scene.

So When You Gonna…Podcast

Now if you’re up-to-date with the indie charts, you’ll know that ‘So When you Gonna…’ is the name of the recently released sophomore album by hit indie band ‘Dream Wife’. So, who’s ripped off the album name I hear you all ask?! Don’t panic, it’s the band itself. Set up by Dream Wife to coincide with the launch of their latest body of work, the podcast sees them and their industry mates from an array of creative fields (think singer-songwriter ‘GIRLI’ and ‘Big Joanie’ bassist/vocalist Estella Adeyeri) in one-on-one interviews dishing up the specifics on how they honed their craft, and providing useful industry tips. With episodes covering songwriting, production, photography, music video directing, and more, there’s something for everyone.

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