REVIEW: ‘boyshit’ by Stephany Joanna and PRINCESSBRI

REVIEW: ‘boyshit’ by Stephany Joanna and PRINCESSBRI

It’s been less than a year since her debut into the musical sphere in April 2020, but self-described “alternative pop with a goth vibe” artist Stephany Joanna is back again for another collaboration with fellow genre non-conformist PRINCESSBRI in what marks a dramatic shift from the emo rap tones of the Netherland native’s prior releases.

‘boyshit’ is the quintessential dancing-in-your-room-like-no-one’s-watching lighthearted gen z break-up anthem. With angst-fuelled guitar strums confidently paving the pop punk-ish foundations to follow, it’s hard not to imagine you’re in the opening scene of a Lindsay Lohan coming-of-age movie.

“‘Cause you might seem like a man, but you’re not one…I don’t talk boyshit anymore.”

The lyrics may not be groundbreaking, and the melody doesn’t stray too far from the tried-and-tested formula, but this very simplicity makes it effective as a sing-a-long easy listen. 

And whilst the track showcases a new direction for Joanna, PRINCESSBRI already holds the monopoly on perfectly capturing the spirit of the early 2000s pop punk almost 20 years on, making her influence known in the upbeat infectious nature of the single and bringing archetypal nonchalant vocals to this fun middle-finger to all the boys who’ve done them wrong.

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