New Music: July 2020 – a monthly round-up of the latest releases

New Music: July 2020 – a monthly round-up of the latest releases

I’m going to put a disclaimer out right now that there are fifteen, yes 1-5, songs in this month’s round-up of the newest releases because it’s near impossible to narrow down the top tracks of July to a mere ten. We’ve had last-minute offerings from Taylor Swift to Billie Eilish to Beyoncé yet again, but the biggest surprise has come from the sheer number of alternative and independent artists killing the game these past few weeks. Here are my picks of July releases to add to your playlists and/or tell all your friends about before they become household names:

SONG: Together
ARTIST: Yours Truly
PERFECT FOR: air drumming in your bedroom and singing into your hairbrush mic

SONG: i’m gonna tell my therapist on you
ARTIST: Pinkshift
PERFECT FOR: skipping therapy to jam to this in your car instead (I don’t advocate that)

SONG: California’s Burning
ARTIST: Hot Milk
PERFECT FOR: a) fighting injustices b) remembering why live music exists because some songs were just meant to be listened to whilst surrounded by sweaty strangers

SONG: Holy Roller
ARTIST: Spiritbox
PERFECT FOR: – sorry, I don’t have one for this. I’m too busy picking my jaw up off the floor

ARTIST: Pussyriot, IXXF
PERFECT FOR: soundtracking an activist attempt to overthrow systemic corruption (I do advocate this one) 

SONG: Buzzkill
ARTIST: Baby Queen
PERFECT FOR: having a bad day but riding the wave

SONG: Do To Me
PERFECT FOR: wishing you were on a remote island getaway listening to this from a private yacht

SONG: Virtual U (cover)
ARTIST: Olivia Is a Ghost
PERFECT FOR: making space in your record collection right between The Cure and Bauhaus

SONG: Never Thought
ARTIST: Mel Bryant & the Mercy Makers
PERFECT FOR: acknowledging that maybe your life isn’t where you want it to be, but you’re not alone in that

SONG: Cardamom December
ARTIST: Nasty Cherry
PERFECT FOR: sharing this song with every single person you know and being the coolest person they’ll ever know because of it

SONG: Lightswitch
PERFECT FOR: learning about Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution that inspired the whole album

SONG: Dead End
PERFECT FOR: reminding you why every young emo girl wanted to be Lights when they were younger

SONG: Old Flame
ARTIST: Dream Wife
PERFECT FOR: reminiscing about those good old times

SONG: Care
ARTIST: beabadoobee
PERFECT FOR: imagining yourself as the hard done by protagonist in a 90s movie centred on teen angst

SONG: Wayward
ARTIST: Katherine Abbott
PERFECT FOR: just ~listening~ to how beautiful the vocals are

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