New Music: June 2020 – a monthly round-up of the latest releases

New Music: June 2020 – a monthly round-up of the latest releases

June has proved to be yet another huge month for music, from a wondrously melancholic new Phoebe Bridgers album to a hard-hitting of-its-time surprise release from Queen Bey herself. It’s also been a month of covers, from Soccer Mommy’s rendition of ‘Drive‘ by The Cars, to Poppy’s revival of hit 2002 track ‘All The Things She Said‘ by Russian duo Tatu. Challenges in narrowing it all down aside, here are my top 10 picks of new music this month:

SONG: Uh Huh Yeah
ARTIST: Katie Wood
PERFECT FOR: prancing freely around the woods Kate Bush style

SONG: Song 33
ARTIST: Noname
PERFECT FOR: a pertinent reminder of the constant need to keep the Black Lives Matter movement at the forefront of your mind and actions

ARTIST: Ashnikko ft. Grimes
PERFECT FOR: absolutely anything but crying

SONG: Spit.
ARTIST: Wargasm
PERFECT FOR: screaming “OPEN THIS PUT UPPP” alone in your bedroom

SONG: Good Bad Times
PERFECT FOR: wandering the streets on a sunny day with an air of invincibility

SONG: Creep
ARTIST: Arlo Parks
PERFECT FOR: an epiphany of all the untapped beauty in the world

SONG: Desire
ARTIST: Liza Anne
PERFECT FOR: whimsicality

SONG: hellbound
ARTIST: Dua Selah
PERFECT FOR: sonifying the feeling of floating through a lava lamp

SONG: Discounts
ARTIST: cupcakKe
PERFECT FOR: remembering your worth

SONG: Cold Feet
PERFECT FOR: subconsciously bopping your head for a straight 2 minutes and 54 seconds

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