New Music: May 2020 – a monthly round-up of the latest releases

New Music: May 2020 – a monthly round-up of the latest releases

There’s A LOT of music out there right now, with lockdown seemingly fuelling inspiration to no extent. So, we thought we’d do our part and narrow it down with our top picks of last month’s releases. Get your headphones ready, and brace your eardrums…

SONG: In My Head
PERFECT FOR: Driving around aimlessly at night with the wind in your hair

SONG: Kyoto
ARTIST: Phoebe Bridgers
PERFECT FOR: Unplugging from the world and going on an adventure. Alone.

SONG: Don’t Wanna
PERFECT FOR: Soundtracking the Sunday morning house cleaning routine

SONG: i finally understand
PERFECT FOR: Pretending your bedroom is a nightclub until the actual ones reopen

SONG: Garden
ARTIST: Meet Me @ The Altar
PERFECT FOR: Reviving your inner pop punk kid (we know they never really left)

SONG: Death by Rock and Roll
ARTIST: The Pretty Reckless
PERFECT FOR: Donning a leather jacket to strut around the living room (#StayAtHome)

SONG: I Am King
ARTIST: Nasty Cherry
PERFECT FOR: Climbing the Hollywood Sign, beholding the city below, and just yelling at the top of your lungs

SONG: Big House
PERFECT FOR: Being your own hype man

SONG: This Love Isn’t Crazy
ARTIST: Carly Rae Jepsen
PERFECT FOR: Causing you to skip instead of walk

SONG: 911
ARTIST: Lady Gaga
PERFECT FOR: Dancing yourself into a coma

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